Darcy Donavan's New Single "It's My Life" [Remix by GALILEE] is out now !


LOS ANGELES, CA (May 19th, 2017) - Hollywood film and television actress Darcy Donavan, as seen in ( Modern Family, My Name is Earl, Parks and Recreation and Anchorman), is back making more music, this time remixed by Enfire Entertainment's own GALILEE. Darcy Donavan has just released her latest single "It's My Life" and it is already taking the world by storm. A follow up to her popular hit "It's My Life", the "It's My Life Remix" has the fans clamoring for more. The track itself is an upbeat, edgy fusion mix that already has all of Hollywood and social media buzzing with it's over the top rhythms and catchy verses. The last time Darcy and GALILEE worked on a remix, it reached #9 on iTunes radio charts for her hit song "SupaBad" the Remix, along with charting in four countries on the Top 100 Billboard Dance Charts. With Darcy Donavan's over 4 million growing fan base on social media, "It's My Life" is expected to chart even higher, blending Pop and EDM to create an unmistakable attention grabbing hit. Enfire Entertainment is a new label co-founded by GALILEE songwriter/producer Douglas Garnett and Epictronic Records owner Carlo Bellotti of Carlo Bellotti Publishing. GALILEE's music has been featured over several networks on tv shows as diverse as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, WWE's Total Divas, The Ultimate Fighting Championships, Love & Hip Hop and more...


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